The SylWrap Universal Pipe Repair Kit fixes burst and leaking pipes of all size and types even when pressure cannot be turned off

SylWrap Universal Pipe Repair Kit – For Live Leaks

Because flow does not need to be isolated when using a Universal Kit, the draining of pipelines or tanks is not required before repair. This avoids time-consuming shutdowns of equipment and provides a cost-effective alternative to replacement.

Repairs can be built to have pressure resistance up to 30 bar, are temperature resistant to 120ºC and effective on pipes carrying hot and cold water and chemicals. WRAS approval means the Universal Kit is certified as safe to use on pipes carrying drinking water.

Effective repairs can be made around difficult elbow joints, tee joints and welded joints, offering a more flexible and versatile option compared to heavy, bulky pipe repair clamps.

No operational training is required to use the Universal Kit. Its applications vary from small-scale domestic plumbing repairs to sealing pipeline leaks in vast oil refineries in Iraq. Several UK water companies use Universal Kits to repair live leaks on the public supply network.

Other industries where Universal Kits are found include quarries, mines, wastewater treatment, district heating, agriculture, petrochemical plants, oil rigs, nuclear power stations, freight ships, super yachts and within public buildings including hospitals, hotels and airports.


SylWrap Universal Pipe Repair Kit details

The Universal Kit contains Superfast Epoxy Putty Stick, Wrap & Seal Pipe Burst Tape and SylWrap Pipe Repair Bandage for fixing leaking pipes.

If pressure cannot be turned off, Wrap & Seal is used to seal the leak. The waterproof repair tape is made from self-amalgamating silicone which stretches by 300 percent.

When wrapped around pipes, it will bond to both the substrate and itself. Once fused, it forms a solid rubber band maintaining pressure over the leak, thus sealing it.

Each Universal Kit comes with one Wrap & Seal Tape. For high pressure industrial repairs, further Wrap & Seal may be required to build up pressure resistance. Multiple tapes applied over each will fuse together in the same way, capable of creating a repair with resistance as high as 30 bar.

If you are undertaking such a high-pressure application, then please go to the Repair Calculator tab and enter information about your repair to determine the number of tapes needed. Additional Wrap & Seal can be purchased separately.

Universal Kits covering pipes over 150mm diameter include a SylPad Pressure Resistance Multiplier. SylPad is used with Wrap & Seal to better concentrate the pressure of the Tape directly over the leak on larger pipes

If pressure can be turned off, Superfast Epoxy Putty is used to seal the leak. To use a Superfast Epoxy Stick, you cut off the amount of putty required and mix it by hand until it turns a uniform colour.

It is then pushed into the hole or crack requiring repair. Within 5–10 minutes, the putty will harden to fill the damage with a watertight material. Repairs made using Superfast Putty are resistant to 30 bar.

The second stage of the repair sees the initial sealant overwrapped with SylWrap Pipe Repair Bandage. SylWrap is a fibreglass repair wrap with a water-activated resin. When wrapped and smoothed over the sealed leak, it will set rock-hard to provide an impact resistant, protective shell.

For regular pipe repair users, Sylmasta have developed the SylWrap Contractor Case containing enough products for up to six pipe repairs. The Case is easy to store either on the van or on site and works out at a cheaper cost-per-repair than buying individual Pipe Repair Kits.

Engineers equipped with a Case have everything readily available to repair burst and leaking pipe as soon as problems are identified, reducing the amount of precious water lost.

Benefits of a SylWrap Universal Pipe Repair Kit

  • Allows the user to carry out an emergency pipe repair in 30 minutes with no training needed
  • Repairs live leaks, negating the need for turning off systems
  • Offers a low-cost alternative to hiring a contractor or seeking replacement parts
  • Increases pressure resistance, chemical resistance and longevity of pipes


  • Copper pipe repair, PVC plastic pipe repair, steel pipe repair, iron pipe repair, GRP pipe repair, ceramic pipe repair, concrete pipe repair, lead pipe repair, rubber pipe repair
  • Fixing leaking bathroom, kitchen and other household pipes
  • Pipe repairs at wastewater treatment works, quarry wash plants, dry risers, petrochemical plants, nuclear power plants, oil rigs and breweries
  • Repairing pinholes, cracks and leaking joints
  • WRAS approved for repairs to pipes carrying drinking water

Technical Data

SylWrap Work Time2–5 minutes
Functional Cure30–45 minutes
Full Cure24 hours
Cured Material Life10–20 years
Max Service Temp120°C / 250°F
Max Pressure Resistance30 bar

Product Codes

Please see Pipe Size Guide Tab for SylWrap Universal Pipe Repair Kit product codes

TDS Downloads

Pipe Size Guide

SylWrap Universal Pipe Repair Kit Size Guide

The below guide details the size of SylWrap Pipe Repair Bandage and Wrap & Seal contained within each Universal Pipe Repair Kit, whether it contains a SylPad Pressure Resistance Multiplier and the diameter of pipe each Kit is designed to repair.

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Repair Calculator

Wrap & Seal Repair Calculator

The below Wrap & Seal Calculator can be used to determine the recommended number of Wrap & Seal Pipe Burst Tapes required to seal a live leak based on pipe diameter and pressure.

Enter the diameter of the pipe in millimetres, water pressure and the size of the hole requiring sealing in millimetres. The safety factor is a multiple to include a margin of safety. For example, if pipe pressure is 5 bar and you want a safety factor of two, the calculator will formulate a repair capable of withstanding 10 bar.

After entering your data, selecting the size of Wrap & Seal will determine how many of that specific tape are required for your repair. Repairs being made to pipes in excess of 150mm diameter using Wrap & Seal PB-50x4m or PB-50x11m should be made in conjunction with SylPad.

Each Universal Kit comes with one Wrap & Seal. If the Calculator determines that you need more than one Wrap & Seal for your repair, consider using additional tapes.

Calculations serve as a guide to potential maximum pressure resistance only. Actual pressure resistance depends upon pipe material, condition, hole size, leak type and tension maintained during wrapping. If you are unsure, more than one Wrap & Seal can be used to stop the leak.

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Case Studies

SylWrap Universal Pipe Repair Kit Case Studies


SylWrap Universal Pipe Repair Kit Videos

High pressure live leak repair on a steel pipe
A live leak demonstration at a water utility company’s depot carried out as part of the Sylmasta Pipe Repair Roadshow 2020.

Live leak repair on a 150mm elbow joint
A pinhole live leak repair carried out on a 150mm steel pipe elbow joint at a pumping house in Malaysia.

Live leak repair on a 95mm steel pipe
A test live leak repair carried out to a 95mm steel pipe at Sylmasta HQ in the UK.

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SylWrap Universal Pipe Repair Kit


Related Pipe Repair Kits

SylWrap Standard Pipe Repair Kit

The Standard Pipe Repair Kit contains Superfast Epoxy Putty and SylWrap Bandage. It makes a single, WRAS approved, permanent repair to a leaking pipe where pressure can be turned off.

Live Leaks: No
Number of Repairs: One
Pressure Resistance: Up to 30 bar
Temperature Resistance: Up to 120ºC

SylWrap Pipe Repair Contractor Case

For regular users like water companies, the Contractor Case is stored on-site or on-the-van for fast response as soon as leaks are identified. It makes up to six WRAS approved, permanent live leak repairs.

Live Leaks: Yes
Number of Repairs: Multiple
Pressure Resistance: Up to 30 bar
Temperature Resistance: Up to 120ºC