SylWrap Pipe Repair Kits & Superfast Leak Repair Putties

Fixing a burst or leaking pipe has never been easier thanks to the SylWrap range of leak repair products.

Repairs can be carried out to pipes of all materials and diameters in under 30 minutes without the need for any formal training. Each product comes with full instructions explaining how it should be used; simply follow those and your leaking pipe can be fixed in not time at all.

Sylmasta pipe repair products are used in both large scale industrial repairs and small domestic plumbing jobs. Most of the products in the range have WRAS approval, certifying them as safe to British standards for use on pipes carrying drinking water.

Several of the United Kingdom’s water companies use SylWrap Kits to repair leaks and bursts on their networks. Sylmasta work with other water suppliers worldwide, including the national supplier in Malaysia responsible for Kuala Lumpur.

Other users of the SylWrap range include desalination plants, wastewater treatment works, nuclear power stations, pumping stations, petrochemical plants, quarry wash plants, freight ships, dry risers and the hospitality sector.

SylWrap Universal Pipe Repair Kit fixes leaking pipes even when water pressure cannot be turned off

Universal Pipe Repair Kit – For Live Leaks

The Universal Pipe Repair Kit permanently fixes leaks and bursts on pipes where water pressure cannot be turned off

SylWrap Standard Pipe Repair Kit fixes leaking pipes where water pressure can be turned off

SylWrap Standard Pipe Repair Kit

The SylWrap Standard Pipe Repair Kit is used to permanently fix leaking pipes where water pressure can be turned off

Pipe Repair Contractor Case

For regular users, the Case contains enough products to make up to six permanent live leak repairs on pipes of varying diameters

Wrap & Seal Leak Repair Tape is a waterproof silicone repair tape for repairing leaking pipes where water pressure cannot be turned off

Wrap & Seal Pipe Burst Tape

Waterproof pipe repair tape made from self-fusing silicone which stretches by 300% its length to seal highly pressurised live leaks

Superfast Steel Epoxy Putty Stick

Steel epoxy putty for sealing cracks and holes in industrial and large domestic pipes of steel, iron and other ferrous metal pipes

Superfast Titanium Epoxy Putty Stick

Epoxy putty temperature resistant to 280°C for fixing holes in steam pipes and other pipework exposed to extreme temperatures

Superfast Aqua Potable Water Epoxy Putty Stick

Specialist epoxy putty formulated for very high wet surface adhesion to repair cracks and holes in underwater pipes

Superfast Copper Epoxy Putty Stick

Copper epoxy putty for leak repairs to domestic and smaller industrial pipes made of copper and other non-ferrous metals

Superfast Plastic Epoxy Putty Stick

Plastic epoxy putty which seals cracks in domestic and industrial pipes made from all types of major plastic, including PVC

SylWrap HD Pipe Repair Bandage

Composite repair wrap applied in addition to the initial leak sealing material to reinforce the repair with an impact resistant sleeve