Epoxy Putty

Epoxy putty is mixed and applied by hand to permanently seal cracks and holes, make filler repairs to surfaces and machine parts, and for high strength bonding of all materials.

AB Original is Sylmasta’s original range of epoxy putty. It is ceramic-filled, making it harder wearing than other putties. The resin and hardener are supplied separately for greater control of the mixing process.

Superfast Epoxy comes in a pre-formatted 114g stick format with resin on the outside and hardener running through the middle. To use a Superfast Stick, you cut off the amount of putty required, knead by hand and apply.

There are eight different formulations of Superfast available for the repair of specific materials, including copper, steel, aluminium and plastic. They are fast working, with cure times ranging from between 5 minutes to 40 minutes.

Sylmasta AB Original, Superfast Aqua Potable Water Stick and Superfast Aqua Stick are capable of bonding and curing underwater, in freshwater and saltwater environments. Superfast Steel Stick, Superfast Copper Stick and Superfast Aqua Potable Water Stick have WRAS approval, certifying them as safe to British standards for use with drinking water.

Sylmasta AB Original is a ceramic filled, super strength epoxy for making repairs including underwater

Sylmasta AB Original Epoxy Putty

Super-strength putty with 2 hour work time for complex repairs, including underwater and in chemically aggressive environments

Sylmasta AB Rapid 5 Minute Epoxy Putty

Fast-setting version of Sylmasta AB with a 5 minute work time for making quick and permanent repairs in larger applications

Superfast Steel Stick

Steel-filled putty for making repairs and filling in damage to parts and machinery made from steel and other ferrous metals

Superfast Copper Stick

Copper-filled putty for sealing leaks in domestic and industrial copper pipes and the repair of other non-ferrous metals

Superfast Aqua Potable Water Stick

Specialist wet surface putty formulated for very high underwater adhesion with a 5 minute cure and WRAS approval

Superfast Titanium Stick

Titanium-filled putty resistant up to 280°C for making repairs and bonding metalwork in extreme temperature environments

Superfast Aluminium Stick

Alloy-filled putty for the repair and bonding of aluminium and alloys, including radiators, tanks and industrial equipment

Superfast Plastic Stick

Plastic-filled putty effective on all major types of plastic for sealing cracks in pipes and bonding broken parts together

Superfast Aqua Stick is an epoxy putty specially formulated for making underwater repairs

Superfast Aqua Stick

Fibreglass-reinforced putty with 20-30 minute work time which offers good adhesion in wet and underwater conditions

Superfast Wood Stick is an epoxy putty used for wood repair, filling and bonding

Superfast Wood Stick

Wood-filled putty which is rot resistant and can be sculpted, used as a filler or for bonding wood in repair and restoration

Superfast Concrete Stick

Concrete-filled putty for bonding concrete and masonry together in repair and restoration tasks and for use as a filler