Epoxy Paste

Epoxy paste is applied via a hand tool to rebuild and strengthen damaged parts, repair worn surfaces and protect against abrasion, corrosion and chemical attack.

There are four epoxy pastes in the Sylmasta range. Industrial Metal is used for filling holes, gouges and large areas of damage to metal, plastics and wood. It restores the surface profile of pipes and structures, rebuilds parts and cures on wet surfaces.

Industrial Metal is reinforced with corrosion-resistant platelets for protection from corrosion and chemical attack. Where a structure has been weakened, Industrial Metal applied around the outside will cure to form a high-strength casing, rebuilding the degraded part.

The work time of Industrial Metal is 60 minutes, making it suitable for use in warmer climates where there is the threat of premature curing. Industrial Metal Rapid is a faster-working version with a five minute cure time. It is not suitable for wet or underwater applications.

Titanium HT Supergrade is designed for extreme temperature applications beyond the 130°C maximum service temperature of Industrial Metal. It has high compressive strength and repairs systems subjected to extreme heat.

Ceramic Supergrade is filled with silicone carbide for high abrasion resistance. It sets to an ultra-smooth finish, increasing wear resistance and extending the lifespan of machinery and parts in abrasive environments

Industrial Metal is a metal filled epoxy paste used to rebuild, refurbish and repair metal parts and machinery

Industrial Metal

Metal-filled epoxy paste for rebuilding worn parts, large damage repairs and protecting from corrosion and chemical attack

Industrial Metal Rapid 5 Minute

Fast-working version of Industrial Metal with a 5 minute gel time for repair and rebuilding applications where speed is desired

Titanium Supergrade is an epoxy paste specially formulated for making repairs in extreme heat environments

Titanium Supergrade HT

High temperature epoxy paste resistant to 250°C for damage repair and corrosion protection of systems subjected to extreme heat

Ceramic Supergrade Abrasion Resistant Paste

Epoxy paste filled with silicone carbide for the repair and protection of machinery and parts in highly abrasive environments


Alumina bead-filled epoxy paste applied to equipment to create a highly toughened layer protective against impact damage and wear

WearShield Rapid

Fast-working version of WearShield with a 3 hour full cure for rapid protection against impact and wear, reducing equipment downtime