Case Study: Creating a Flexible Expansion Joint Filler for a Residential Property in the UK

Sealing the Dream – Sylmasta Liquid Rubber used as a flexible expansion joint filler eliminates problematic balcony drips at a dream home

Liquid Rubber solves an unexpected issue at a dream home being built in Essex when used as a filler to prevent water dripping from the roof terrace through the gap for glass panel expansion and onto the balcony below.

Case Study Data

Residential Property
Essex, United Kingdom
Repair Type
Expansion Joint Filler
Water dripping through expansion gaps in a roof terrace onto a balcony below

Products Used

Liquid Rubber 80
Rubber elastomer compound which was poured into the expansion joints to offer a water resistant and flexible filler

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Case Study Review

The striking property overlooking the Thames Estuary featured a roof terrace with panoramic views. Surrounding the terrace were 26 glass panels with 25mm expansion gaps either side. Below the roof terrace was another balcony where electrical installations such as LED lights and speakers had been added.

Whenever it rained or spray blew in off the Thames, water would drip through the expansion gaps and onto the balcony below, causing issues with the electric equipment.

The residential property. The troublesome expansion gaps were allowing water to pass from the roof terrace onto the balcony below

To prevent this happening, the homeowner needed to find an expansion joint filler material which was both waterproof to eliminate the drips and flexible enough to allow the glass panels to expand. After speaking with Sylmasta, the homeowner decided to use Liquid Rubber 80 as an expansion gap filler in conjunction with a packing material.

Expansion gap through which water could run onto a balcony below prior to the use of Liquid Rubber as a filler
25mm expansion joints between the glass panels

Liquid Rubber is a tough but flexible repair compound which can also be used to refurbish conveyor belts, make moulds, and add noise-reducing and abrasion-resistant linings to equipment.

The packing material was first pushed into the expansion gaps. Once the material was in place, the homeowner mixed the two parts of Liquid Rubber together, pouring it into the joints to seal everything.

Liquid Rubber Elastomer Compound poured into the gap left for glass expansion to seal against water at a home in Essex
Each expansion gap was filled with a packing material which was then encapsulated with Liquid Rubber

Within 16 hours, the Liquid Rubber cured to provide a water resistant filler which could also cater for glass expansion.

Liquid Rubber sets to black, which meant that it blended in seamlessly with the resin which had been used on the rest of the roof terrace’s balustrade. Even on close inspection, you could not tell that two different materials had been used.

The Liquid Rubber blended in seamlessly with the existing resin used on the roof terrace
Liquid Rubber used as a filler and poured into expansion gap left for glass panels at a home in the UK
The completed repair of the expansion joint gaps

The use of Liquid Rubber as an expansion joint filler was a complete success and eliminated all drips from the roof terrace to the balcony below.

The homeowner contacted Sylmasta after the repair had been completed, saying he was delighted that a solution had been found to complete the building work on his dream home.

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