Case Study: Burst Copper Pipe Repair in Portable Horse & Dog Shower Unit

A burst copper pipe in a portable horse shower unit is sealed using a SylWrap Standard Pipe Repair Kit

Replacement? Hold your horses – the repair of burst copper pipework which had a horse and dog shower running again in no time

When freezing winter weather led a copper pipe in a portable horse and dog shower to burst, it required a quick and simple repair method capable of being effective inside the cramped space of the unit.

Case Study Data

Portable horse and dog shower
United Kingdom
Repair Type
Leak repair
Split in copper pipe caused by freezing temperatures

Products Used

Superfast Copper Epoxy Putty Stick
Fast-working epoxy putty pushed into the crack in the copper pipe to seal it

SylWrap HD Pipe Repair Bandage
Composite repair wrap applied over Superfast Copper to reinforce the initial repair

SylWrap Standard Pipe Repair Kit
Superfast Epoxy and SylWrap HD are supplied together in the Standard Pipe Repair Kit

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Case Study Details

Showerking are a Sussex-based supplier of portable hot shower units designed for horses and dogs. Units are typically stored in unheated outbuildings. Although designed to handle winter weather, copper pipe in the unit which has not been fully drained becomes prone to bursting during periods of exceptionally cold weather.

When temperatures in the United Kingdom dropped as low as -15°C, several Showerking owners reported burst pipes which rendered their units unusable. If they turned the shower on, water would spray out of the large crack created in the copper pipe.

Freezing temperatures caused a copper pipe in a portable horse shower unit to burst requiring repair
Freezing temperatures had created a split in the copper pipe

Fortunately, Showerking had already contacted Sylmasta about the possibilities of pipe repair for horse showers. The SylWrap Standard Pipe Repair Kit provided the most suitable method as units would be turned off in the event of leaks or bursts, meaning no pressure to the pipe.

It had been established that the smallest Standard Pipe Repair Kit (SYL-106-NP) was ideal for application because of both the cramped space inside the unit and the difficult shape of the pipework. There were many bends which were unrepairable with a clamp.

Through the relationship between Showerking and Sylmasta, users whose horse showers had suffered burst pipes were directed to the exact product they needed to fix the problem, and had the straightforward repair process explained to them.

Superfast Copper Epoxy Putty applied to a burst pipe as part of the repair of a portable hot shower unit
Superfast Copper Epoxy Putty was used to cover the split

Loose material was removed from the burst copper pipe before repair. Superfast Copper Epoxy Putty Stick was then used to seal the crack. Enough putty to cover the crack was cut from the stick and kneaded by hand until it turned a uniform colour.

Whilst soft, the putty was pushed onto the pipe, encompassing the entire crack. This completed the first stage of the repair. The second stage involved applying a SylWrap HD Pipe Repair Bandage over the Superfast Copper.

SylWrap HD is a composite repair wrap with a water-activated resin which sets rock hard. The bandage was wrapped and smoothed around the pipe as the Superfast Copper began to harden, forcing the putty into the crack to create a permanent, watertight seal.

Within five minutes of SylWrap HD being applied, the bandage had cured to form a rock hard shell reinforcing the pipe, and which also offered protection from expansion in the future. The completed repair was resistant to 30bar, making it more than capable of holding the pressure the horse shower unit operated at.

The repair took less than 30 minutes from start to finish and the SYL-106-NP Standard Pipe Repair Kit cost under £25 including delivery, returning the £180 Showerking unit to service the same day.

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