Sylmasta Adhesives are easy-to-use and offer outstanding durability, high-strength, rapid bonding to numerous materials including metal, ceramic, wood, plastic and composites.

Rapid 5 Minute Epoxy Adhesive is designed for general use on all materials. It repairs metal castings, ceramic ornaments, furniture, stone slabs and coping. It also fixes fittings to brick, wood or plaster and can be used for test rig manufacture and model making.

Metal Bond Rapid 5 Minute sets grey and is specially formulated for extra-strong bonding when used on metal. It is also used as a filler for sealing cracks and gaps in pipes, tanks, engines and other metal parts.

AllWeld 530 is a methacrylate adhesive is formulated to glue hard-to-bond substrates including engineered plastic, exotic metals and advanced composite materials. The cure speed of AllWeld 530 is 7 minutes although this can be quickened or slowed.

Epoxy and methacrylate adhesives are supplied in either 25ml syringe or 50ml cartridge. Cartridges are applied using the applicator gun.

Sylmasta also manufacture three grades of cyanoacrylate superglues of varying thicknesses, activator to speed up the curing process and debonder to break down superglue bonds.

Rapid 5 Minute Epoxy Adhesive

Fast setting epoxy adhesive with 5 minute cure time for permanent bonding of metal, ceramic, concrete, wood and plastic

Metal Bond Rapid 5 Minute Epoxy Adhesive

Grey setting epoxy adhesive with outstanding adhesion to metal and other rigid materials which also works as a filler

AllWeld 530 – 7 Minute Plastic Bond

Methacrylate adhesive for making high-strength, load bearing bonds to engineered plastics, composites and other difficult substrates

Applicator Gun

High-quality applicator gun used to dispense side-by-side 50ml cartridges of Sylmasta Epoxy Adhesives or AllWeld in a 1:1 ratio

CAE3 is a penetrating cyanoacrylate superglue from the Sylmasta adhesives range used to penetrate porous surfaces

CAE3 Penetrating Superglue

Low viscosity cyanoacrylate superglue thin as water for penetrating porous surfaces and wicking into joints and cracks

CAE120 Multipurpose Superglue

Medium viscosity cyanoacrylate superglue for instant bonding of plastic, rubber, metal, porcelain, ceramic and other materials

CAE1500 is a high viscosity cyanoacrylate superglue from the Sylmasta adhesives range used to penetrate porous surfaces

CAE1500 High Viscosity Superglue

High viscosity superglue for gap filling, slow bonding of non-absorbent materials and rapid bonding of porous materials

Superglue Activator

Accelerates the cure time of cyanoacrylate superglues and prevents porous materials absorbing lower viscosity glues

Superglue Debonder

Softens cured superglue, breaking down bonds for unsticking parts and removing excessive glue during clean up