Industrial Lubricants

Sylmasta Lubricants offer solutions for industrial applications in sectors such as the water industry, food manufacture, petrochemical, marine, shipping and mining.

They can be used in water plants, engines, mechanical assemblies, assembly, pipe connections, gears, hinges and other applications.

Q-Free Copper Anti-Seize is a lead free lubricant with an operating temperature of up to 110°C. It is used as an assembly paste to give initial lubrication for preventing seizure and galling, and protects against corrosion and chemical attack at temperatures from -30°C to 1100°C

Parts lubricated with Q-Free Copper Anti-Seize can be easily dismantled with typical applications including exhausts, brake calipers, engine components, high temperature kilns and ovens.

Wet Grease HD is a semisynthetic grease with excellent waterproof qualities. It is used for applications that are exposed to high wash out and in hostile environments, including saltwater and freshwater.

Two grades of Sylmasta Industrial Lubricants are NSF Food Safe Certified, meaning they are approved to United Kingdom standards for use within the food processing industry where incidental food contact can occur.

Food Safe 110 is suitable for operating temperatures up to 110°C. Food Safe HT 165 is specially formulated for high temperature applications up to 165°C.

Q-Free Copper Anti-Seize is an industrial lubricant which is lead free and protects all types of components against corrosion and chemical attack

Q-Free Copper Anti-Seize

Lead free anti-seize to lubricate and protect all types of components against corrosion and chemical attack from -30°C to 1100°C

Food Safe Grease 100

Grease certified for use in environments where incidental food contact can happen which withstands frequent wash down of plant

Food Safe Grease HT 165

High temperature food safe grease capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 165°C and frequent wash down of plant

Wet Grease HD

Green, semisynthetic grease with excellent waterproofing qualities for application in high water and marine environments