Liquid Rubber

It can be applied to surfaces to form a rubber coating offering protection against wear, abrasion and vibration. The vibration-resistant properties of Liquid Rubber means it reduces noise when used to line equipment.

Liquid Rubber repairs damage to conveyor belts, treads and other equipment. It fills expansion joints and encapsulates parts to protect against mechanical and moisture ingress.

Sylmasta manufacture three grades of Liquid Rubber elastomer compound. Liquid Rubber 80 is pourable and comes with a 20-minute pot life and a 16-hour functional cure. Liquid Rubber Rapid 5 has a pot life of 5 minutes and a functional cure of two hours for reducing equipment downtime.

Both Liquid Metal 80 and Rapid 5 Minute are painted onto surfaces with a brush. They can also be poured into moulds to create new or replacement rubber parts, such as shaft couplings, seals, gaskets and elastic supports.

Liquid Rubber Trowel Applied Paste is a high-build compound with a much thicker consistency than the pourable grades. It is applied using a hand tool, repairs larger areas of damage and seals low-pressure rubber pipe and tank leaks. It is also effective on wet surfaces.

Liquid Rubber 80

Self-levelling elastomer compound applied via paintbrush or pouring. It fills expansion gaps, creates protective rubber linings for surfaces and equipment, reduces noise from vibrations, and encapsulates parts – including electrical equipment.

Pot Life: 20 minutes
Light Service: 10–16 hours
Functional Cure: 24 hours

Liquid Rubber Rapid 5 Minute

Fast-working grade of Liquid Rubber with a pot life of 5 minutes and a light handling time of two hours. It is cast into moulds to create rubber parts and used in rubber repair, maintenance and refurbishment applications where speed is desired to reduce system downtime.

Pot Life: 5 minutes
Light Service: 2 hours
Functional Cure: 24 hours

Liquid Rubber Trowel Applied Paste

High-build paste version of Liquid Rubber applied using a hand tool. It fills gouges and large areas of damage in rubber parts, builds protective linings faster than the pourable grade through its greater thickness and seals low-pressure tank leaks.

Pot Life: 20 minutes
Light Service: 10-16 hours
Functional Cure: 24 hours