Liquid Rubber

Liquid Rubber is an elastomer which cures to form a firm, rubber-like compound with exceptional tear strength and abrasion resistance. It bonds to metal, rubber, concrete, fibreglass, wood and many other materials.

It can be used to repair damaged rubber parts or poured into moulds for the creation of new or replacement parts. When applied to surfaces, Liquid Rubber provides a protective, vibration-reducing surface capable of noise deadening. It can also be used to fill expansion gaps.

Three variations of Liquid Rubber are available. Liquid Rubber 80 Black is self levelling and comes with a 20 minute work time for more complex applications such as coating surfaces, protection against the ingress of moisture and encapsulation.

Liquid Rubber Rapid 5 Minute is for applications where speed is desired. It has a pot life of 5 minutes, enabling new parts to be fabricated quickly when poured into a mould.

Liquid Rubber Trowelable is a tough, high-build compound applied using a tool rather than via a brush or pouring. It is effective even on wet surfaces and is used to repair and fill in areas of damage.

Liquid Rubber 80 – Black

Tough, flexible Liquid Rubber elastomer used for encapsulation, filling expansion joints and protecting surfaces

Liquid Rubber Rapid 5 Minute

Fast-setting, hard polyurethane rubber compound brush applied for repairs or poured into moulds to create new parts

Liquid Rubber Trowelable

Tough, high-build compound applied by trowel or hand tool to repair and fill areas of damage even on wet surfaces