Case Study: Liquid Metal Lays Anti Slip Flooring Surfaces at PepsiCo Plant in Chile

Getting a grip in Chile – Liquid Metal Epoxy Coating combined with silicon carbide grit lays new anti slip flooring at PepsiCo Plant

An industrial plant operated by PepsiCo in Chile required a cost effective method for laying new and replacement anti slip floor areas across the site – a problem solved by combining Liquid Metal Epoxy Coating and silicon carbide grit.

Case Study Data

PepsiCo industrial plant
Repair Type
Creation of anti slip surfaces

Products Used

Liquid Metal Epoxy Coating
Brush applied to bond silicon carbide grit to floors, creating an anti slip surface

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Case Study Details

PepsiCo needed to lay anti slip flooring at various points in their industrial plant in Chile, both to replace existing surfaces which had lost their effectiveness and create new ones across the site.

12 different sections needed laying. These included the gritting of stainless steel ladders and staircases; the tiled floor of a warehouse; concrete corridors; a metal ramp; and the surface of an open lift used to transport goods between floors.

Because of the scale of the application, the maintenance team carrying out the job wanted to find as cost effective and convenient method for laying anti slip surfaces as possible.

One of the ways they intended on doing this was by finding an epoxy coating capable of bonding to the variety of surfaces upon which the anti slip flooring was required.

Sylmasta therefore recommended the use of Liquid Metal Epoxy Coating combined with silicon carbide grit to create new anti slip areas of floor. Liquid Metal is a metal-filled, brushable epoxy which is painted onto surfaces.

Whilst sticky, it offers high strength adhesion. It cures on all materials, forming an ultra-smooth metallic layer. A gel time of 90 minutes allows for the coating to be mixed and carefully applied without the threat of premature curing, an important consideration for larger, more complex tasks.

Masking tape was used to mark out where the anti slip strips were required. The surface was then painted with Liquid Metal, silicon carbide was sprinkled over the epoxy coating, and the masking tape removed.

Liquid Metal Epoxy Coating combined with silicone carbide grit to create anti slip floor at PepsiCo Plant in Chile
Liquid Metal Epoxy Coating used to create an anti slip floor at PepsiCo plant in Chile
Completed refurbishment of the anti slip surface on the stainless steel floor using Liquid Metal and silicone carbide grit

Once the Liquid Metal had cured, the grit was permanently bonded to the floor, creating a new anti slip surface. This method was used successfully across all 12 areas requiring attention on the site, no matter whether the surfaces were metal, concrete or tile.

The entire application was completed in 24 hours from when the final area was coated with Liquid Metal. The ease and speed of the installation has since led the maintenance company to use Liquid Metal for surface gritting at other plants, as well as for creating anti slip surfaces for delivery vans.

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