A stripped thread repair involving rebuilding the worn thread and bolthole to recreate a tighter fit between the two components

How to Repair and Rebuild a Stripped Thread

1) Prepare the hole

Damage inside the bolthole needs to be removed and the surface inside roughened up to improve adhesion with Industrial Rapid 5 Minute Metal.

Find a drill bit which fits tightly into the bolthole and drill down. This will widen the hole slightly, providing the space needed for the epoxy putty to rebuild. Use Sylmasta Non-Flammable Degreaser to remove contamination from inside the hole.

Inserting a stripped thread coated with Release Agent and Epoxy Paste will repair and rebuild the damaged bolt and bolthole

2) Apply Industrial Metal Rapid 5 Minute to thread and insert into hole

Apply Sylmasta Non-Flammable Release Agent to the thread to prevent it becoming bonded inside the bolthole by the epoxy paste.

Mix Industrial Metal Rapid 5 Minute according to the instructions provided with the product and use to coat the thread. Once the thread has been coated with epoxy paste, push it into the hole and clean up any overspill.

3) Leave Industrial Metal Rapid 5 Minute to achieve functional cure

Industrial Metal Rapid 5 Minute will now harden inside the bolthole, rebuilding the stripped threads and ensuring the two components can fasten together again.

The epoxy paste should be left undisturbed to achieve a functional cure. This will normally take 60 minutes, depending on ambient temperature.

Stripped thread repair completed using an epoxy paste to rebuild the worn metalwork

4) Remove the thread to complete repair

Once a functional cure has been achieved, carefully remove the thread from the bolthole. Thanks to the Release Agent used at Stage 2 of the process, the thread will not have stuck inside the hole.

The repair is now complete and the stripped thread successfully rebuild. Industrial Metal Rapid 5 Minute achieves a full cure in 24 hours.

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Sylmasta Products for Stripped Thread Rebuild and Repair

Industrial Metal Rapid 5 Minute Epoxy Paste

Fast working version of Industrial Metal with a 5-minute gel time for repairs requiring a quick turnaround. It rebuilds threads, protects and reinforces metalwork and fills small cracks and breaks in parts of metal, plastic and wood.

Work Time: 5 minutes
Functional Cure: 60 minutes
Max Service Temp: 95ÂșC

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