Flex Sealant

Flex Sealant is a range of high-quality rubber sealants formulated for use within industry in more exacting applications. They perform better at high temperatures than other sealants and seal against oils and most chemicals.

They are used in a wide range of applications, from industrial to automotive. When sealing flanges, no gasket is necessary when using Flex. If a gasket is used however, coating with Flex ensures a high quality seal.

Flex will seal uneven surfaces and joints subject to vibration and movement during use. They can be used to seal joints in panels and as a high strength, high temperature adhesive on glass, metal, wood, ceramics and other materials.

Two different coloured versions of Flex are available from Sylmasta – Flex Black and Flex Clear. Flex Black sets black and is suited for automotive repairs and other applications where a clear sealant is not required.

Flex Clear sets translucent for the purpose of transmitting the colour of the substrate being sealed. It is less obtrusive and gives a cleaner seal. Flex Clear is more suitable for use as a sealant or adhesive on glass, such as when windscreen sealing or bonding glass inspection panels.

The application of Flex Sealants requires a specialist 300ml Pneumatic Cartridge Applicator, available to purchase separately. The Applicator features a pneumatic trigger and is ideal for dispensing over long periods. An air supply is required for the Application to work. For more information about this product, please contact Sylmasta.

Flex Sealant Black

Fast curing engineering grade silicone adhesive which provides a permanently flexible, high-strength waterproof seal and adhesive

Flex Sealant clear is a translucent sealant for use where the substrate needs to be seen

Flex Sealant Clear

Translucent sealant for use on glass, creating cleaner seals or when it is desired that the colour of the substrate is visible