Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coating is brush applied to surfaces, structures, machines and parts to protect against abrasion, corrosion, chemical attack, pitting, cavitation and erosion.

When painted on, an epoxy coating will cure to provide a smooth, hard layer over metal, most plastics and wood. Coatings are applied to new parts for protection. They are painted onto older or won parts for refurbishment and extending the lifespan of systems by forming a toughened outer shell.

Liquid Metal is a metal-filled brushable epoxy. It sets to provide a metallic, hard-wearing surface which acts as a shield against external corrosion and chemical attack. It is also poured into moulds to create metal casts and used for installing anti slip surfaces to floors along with silicone carbide grit.

Ceramic Brushable coatings are ceramic-filled. They set to provide an ultra-smooth layer which seals and protects surfaces and machine parts in hard wearing environments from abrasion, cavitation, erosion and pitting.

Two colours of Ceramic Brushable are available – blue and green. These colours can be combined to create a two-layer wear indicator coating for parts and surfaces in highly abrasive environments, alerting to when extreme levels of abrasion are taking place.

A topcoat of one colour of Ceramic Brushable is applied over a basecoat of another colour. When the basecoat colour begins to show through, it is an indication of high-wear. Another coating of epoxy should then be added for further protection against abrasion to the surface or machine part in question.

Liquid Metal Epoxy Coating is brush applied to metalwork, pipe and structures where it cures to form a metallic outer shell of protection

Liquid Metal

Metal-filled epoxy coating painted onto machinery and parts to protect against corrosion and provide a hard wearing surface

Ceramic Brushable Blue

Blue coloured, ceramic-filled epoxy coating for creating a hard-wearing, ultra smooth layer which protects parts and surfaces from abrasion

Ceramic Brushable Green

Green coloured, ceramic-filled coating for creating a hard-wearing, ultra smooth layer to protect parts and surfaces from abrasion