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The MX-90 kit is for use on metals and hard surfaces

Polish stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze, aluminium and other soft metals to a mirror finish.  The MX90 Metal Polishing Kit is ideal for tool and die polishing.

This kit can give a hand finish to knife blades and shears without the need for polishing compounds.  This kit polishes up to 3m² (30 square feet) of metal and contains Flexi-Files for small areas.

Kit Contains:

  • 75 x 150mm (3″ x 6″) Micro Abrasive finishing clothes of grades, 80MX, 100MX, 120MX, 150MX, 180MX, 240MX, 320MX, 360MX, 400MX, 600MX, 800MX, 1200MX, Foam Sanding Block
  • Micro Abrasive Flexi-Files: 100MX/150MX, 180MX/240MX, 400MX/600MX, Instructions

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