Cushioned Micro Abrasives

Sylmasta Cushioned Micro Abrasives

What is a Cushioned Abrasive? Sylmasta Micro Abrasives are cushioned to prevents the abrasive grit from digging deeply into the surface and cutting aggressively.  Instead, the flexible, cushioned backing prevents the abrasive from digging into the surface, even if too much pressure is applied, resulting in an even, regular scratch pattern.

The flexible nature of the cushioned backing also make Sylmasta Micro Abrasives very flexible and able to conform to unconventional shapes.

What is a Micro Abrasive? Sylmasta use micromesh-sized abrasive grits to gives the smoothest, glossiest possible finish.

Powders are graded using a system of sieves known as meshes and powders are referred to by their mesh size – for example the particles of a 60 mesh powder are 250 microns in size.  The very fine mesh used to grade micron-sized powders is known as a micromesh.