UV921 Light Curing Adhesive

Code: UV921


Sylmasta AllWeld UV921 is a low viscosity, light-activated, high strength, completely clear adhesive for bonding clear acrylic and Perspex. AllWeld UV921 uses visible or ultra violet light to cure in seconds, meaning that pieces can be positioned precisely before bonding occurs. The low viscosity makes UV921 particularly suitable for lamination and larger area applications, as the adhesive spreads easily, making it easier to eliminate bubbles.

Once set, AllWeld UV921 produces a high strength bond for acrylic-to-acrylic and acrylic-to-metal bonds, with excellent shear and peel strengths and environmental resistance.


  • High strength bonds in acrylic-acrylic and acrylic-metal applications
  • Laminating acrylic letters in sign making
  • Bonding acrylic and Perspex in the manufacture of point-of-sale dispays
  • Assembling acrylic fabrications with invisible bond-lines
  • Acrylic trophy assemblies.


  • Allows large areas to be bonded
  • Allows time to postion assemblies before curing in seconds using light cStronger-than-substrate adhesion to acrylic
  • High adhesive strength
  • Good chemical and environmental resistance
  • Weather and moisture resistant


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