AllWeld 712 – Single Part Acrylic Weld

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AllWeld 712 does not contain dichloromethane, making it a safer alternative to Tensol 12.
Sylmasta AllWeld 712 is formulated for high strength bonds to acrylic and Perspex sheet. AllWeld 712 contains advanced acrylic polymers dissolved in a solvent for high clarity and fast bond speed. Unlike other solvent-based systems, AllWeld 712 does not contain dichloromethane, which has growing concern as a possible carcinogen. Instead, it uses a safer, renewable alternative, making it safe to use and improving performance, such as faster handling strength and superior optical clarity.


  • Manufacture of internal signage (not for external use, see AllWeld 770)
  • High strength bonds to cast acrylic and Perspex sheet
  • Bonding acrylic and Perspex in the manufacture of point-of-sale displays
  • Assembling acrylic fabrications with clear bond-lines


  • Handling strength in 3 hours
  • Stronger-than-substrate adhesion to acrylic
  • High optical clarity
  • Excellent edge bonds to acrylic


  • Always consult safety data sheet before using AllWeld for the first time.
  • Carry out surface preparation where necessary
  • Dispense line of adhesive and quickly assemble parts
  • Ensure AllWeld has achieved handling strength before unclamping.

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